Crockpot Italian Chicken

Crockpot Italian Chicken is a savory and flavorful dish that brings the taste of Italy right into your kitchen. Slow-cooked to perfection, this recipe allows you to enjoy a delicious, homemade Italian-inspired meal with minimal effort. Let’s dive into the background, history, and step-by-step guide to crafting this delectable dish.

Background and History

While Italian cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors and diverse regional dishes, the concept of slow-cooking meat in a crockpot has more modern roots. Crockpots, or slow cookers, gained popularity in the mid-20th century, simplifying the cooking process and allowing busy individuals to prepare hearty meals with ease. This recipe combines the convenience of a slow cooker with the vibrant and bold flavors of Italian herbs and spices.


Chicken Thighs or Breasts (2 lbs)

Choose boneless and skinless for convenience.

Italian Dressing (1 cup)

Provides a zesty and herby marinade for the chicken.

Tomato Sauce (1 can – 14 oz)

Adds a rich and tangy base to the dish.

Italian Seasoning (2 tbsp)

A blend of oregano, basil, thyme, and other herbs for an authentic Italian flavor.

Garlic (4 cloves, minced)

Enhances the overall aroma and taste.


Prepare the Chicken

If using chicken thighs or breasts with bones, remove the skin and excess fat. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels.

Marinate in Italian Dressing

In a bowl, coat the chicken pieces thoroughly with the Italian dressing. Allow it to marinate for at least 30 minutes or overnight in the refrigerator for maximum flavor.

Layer in the Crockpot

Place the marinated chicken in the crockpot, ensuring an even layer.

Add Tomato Sauce

Pour the tomato sauce over the chicken, covering it evenly.

Season with Italian Herbs

Sprinkle the Italian seasoning and minced garlic over the chicken and sauce. Ensure an even distribution for a balanced flavor.

Set and Forget

Cover the crockpot with the lid and set it to cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 3-4 hours. This slow cooking method allows the chicken to absorb the flavors and become tender.

Serve and Enjoy

Once the chicken is fully cooked, serve it over a bed of pasta, rice, or with your favorite vegetables. Spoon the delicious sauce over the top for an extra burst of flavor.

Tips and Tricks

Experiment with different types of Italian dressing to personalize the flavor profile.

Add a splash of white wine or chicken broth for a lighter sauce.

Garnish with fresh basil or grated Parmesan cheese just before serving.


Crockpot Italian Chicken is a delightful and hassle-free way to enjoy the essence of Italian cuisine in the comfort of your home. This simple yet flavorful recipe captures the heartiness of slow-cooked meals and the bold taste of traditional Italian herbs and spices. Elevate your weeknight dinners with this easy-to-make and satisfying dish that will have everyone coming back for seconds!

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