About Us

Welcome to My Fab 5, where we celebrate the extraordinary, the exceptional, and the exquisite. We’re not just a website; we’re a community of enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and everyday individuals who share a passion for the best things in life. Our mission is simple: to curate and share the top five things in every category, from food to fashion, travel to technology, and everything in between. We’re your trusted source for discovering the crème de la crème in every aspect of life.

Our Story

My Fab 5 was born out of a shared vision among a group of friends who believed in the power of recommendations. We often found ourselves seeking the perfect restaurant, the must-have fashion accessory, or the latest gadget, only to be overwhelmed by the vast array of choices available. That’s when we realized that the best way to navigate this modern world of abundance was to rely on the wisdom of the crowd.

With this idea in mind, we set out to create a platform where people like us could come together, share their top five favorites, and help others discover the best of the best. My Fab 5 became the ultimate destination for seekers of excellence, a place where every recommendation is a gem waiting to be unearthed.

Our Mission

At My Fab 5, we’re on a mission to simplify your life by making it easier to find what’s truly outstanding. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in a particular field or just someone who enjoys the finer things, we believe that everyone has something fabulous to share. Our platform is a space where you can discover hidden gems, celebrate your passions, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your appreciation for excellence.

What We Offer

Top Five Lists

Our signature feature is our top five lists in various categories. From the top five restaurants in your city to the top five travel destinations, we’ve got you covered. Our lists are carefully curated by our community members, making them a reliable resource for finding the best of everything.


My Fab 5 is more than just a website; it’s a community of enthusiasts. Connect with fellow members, share your own top fives, and engage in lively discussions about your favorite things.

Expert Recommendations

We also feature expert recommendations from industry leaders, influencers, and experts in various fields. These insights provide a unique perspective on what’s truly exceptional.

Personalized Experience

Customize your My Fab 5 experience by following your favorite curators, saving your favorite lists, and receiving tailored recommendations based on your interests.

Join Us on the Fabulous Journey

Whether you’re here to share your passion or to discover the best of the best, My Fab 5 welcomes you to join our fabulous journey. Together, we’ll continue to celebrate excellence and make the world a more fabulous place, one top five list at a time.

Thank you for choosing My Fab 5 as your destination for all things exceptional. Here’s to a world filled with fabulous discoveries!