The Fast Food Order Gordon Ramsay Would Choose as His Last Meal

The Fast Food Order Gordon Ramsay Would Choose as His Last Meal

Background and History

Discover the fast food order Gordon Ramsay would choose for his last meal, unveiling the celebrity chef’s preferences for an indulgent and memorable culinary experience. Delve into the flavors, history, and charm of this iconic fast food choice.


1 classic double cheeseburger

Crispy french fries

Rich and creamy milkshake

Optional: Hot sauce or condiments of choice




Preparation Time: 5 minutes No Cooking Time


Order the Double Cheeseburger

Choose a classic double cheeseburger with all the fixings.

Select Crispy French Fries

Pair the burger with a generous serving of crispy french fries.

Indulge in a Milkshake

Opt for a rich and creamy milkshake of your preferred flavor.

Optional: Customize with Hot Sauce

For an extra kick, add hot sauce or condiments according to your taste.

Nutrition Facts

(Approximate Values)

Calories: 1200

Protein: 30g

Fat: 60g

Carbohydrates: 130g

Sugar: 30g


Gordon Ramsay’s last meal choice reflects a balance of classic flavors and indulgence.

Customize the order based on personal preferences, and enjoy it as a treat rather than a regular dining choice.

Allergy Warning

Be mindful of allergens present in the burger and condiments, such as gluten, dairy, and any specific allergies or dietary restrictions.

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