This Brilliant Cheese-Slicing Hack Blew Our Minds

This Brilliant Cheese-Slicing Hack Blew Our Minds

Background and History

Embark on a journey through the world of culinary innovation with a brilliant cheese-slicing hack that has redefined efficiency in the kitchen. Uncover the historical context of cheese slicing, the challenges it posed, and the revolutionary technique that promises to simplify this age-old process.


Block of cheese of your choice

Dental floss or unflavored, unwaxed floss


Depends on the quantity of cheese sliced


Preparation Time: 5 minutes No Cooking Time


Select the Cheese

Choose your favorite block of cheese for slicing using this innovative method.

Prepare the Floss

Take a piece of dental floss or unflavored, unwaxed floss. Ensure it is long enough to wrap around the block of cheese.

Position the Floss

Slide the floss under the cheese block, positioning it where you want to make the first slice.

Cross and Slice

Cross the ends of the floss over the cheese and pull them in opposite directions. The floss will effortlessly cut through the cheese, creating a clean slice.

Repeat as Desired

Repeat the process to achieve additional slices, adjusting the thickness based on your preference.

Nutrition Facts

(Per Serving)

Calories: Varies based on the type and quantity of cheese

Protein: Varies

Fat: Varies

Carbohydrates: Varies


This cheese-slicing hack is particularly useful for soft or crumbly cheeses that may be challenging to cut with a knife.

Exercise caution when using dental floss, ensuring it is unflavored and unwaxed for safe consumption.

Allergy Warning

Be aware of potential allergens in the chosen cheese and check for dental floss components that may cause allergies.

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