Eggland’s Best Finally Settles the Debate: How Long Can You Leave Eggs Out on the Counter?

Eggland's Best Finally Settles the Debate: How Long Can You Leave Eggs Out on the Counter?

Background and History

The debate over egg storage has persisted, with varying opinions on whether eggs should be kept in the refrigerator or left on the counter. In this guide inspired by Eggland’s Best, discover the science-backed answer to the age-old question, shedding light on the historical and cultural aspects of egg storage.




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Cooking Time

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Understand the Debate

Explore the historical and cultural factors contributing to the debate on egg storage.

Learn from Eggland’s Best

Discover the insights and research provided by Eggland’s Best, a renowned authority in the egg industry.

Determine Egg Freshness

Assess the freshness of eggs by checking the expiration date on the carton.

Consider Room Temperature Storage

Learn about the safety and guidelines for storing eggs at room temperature.

Understand Refrigeration Benefits

Explore the advantages of refrigerating eggs, including prolonged freshness and reduced risk of bacterial growth.

Evaluate Environmental Factors

Consider your kitchen’s temperature and humidity levels when deciding whether to store eggs on the counter.

Nutrition Facts

Egg nutrition remains constant whether stored on the counter or in the refrigerator.


Eggs can be stored safely on the counter for a limited time, but refrigeration is recommended for longer freshness.

Always follow Eggland’s Best guidelines and consult local health authorities for best practices.

Allergy Warning

None specific to egg storage, but always check for egg allergies when handling.

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